I AM Wylie


Watch the complete video of Ian’s journey to Dallas and Wylie Texas. This video is a powerful and emotional human experience that has changed Ian’s life and will propel us all to SAY MORE, DO MORE, BE MORE. Here is Ian’s account of what led him to Dallas and Wylie, Texas to peacefully protest the injustice.

“As I went to bed after my phone interview with DC sports reporter Candace Buckner, speaking about the George Floyd incident and the other social injustices happening all too frequently, my mind raced, and I had a very heavy heart. When I woke up the following morning with the same heavy heart I knew I had to do something about it. With all the passion and empathy, I had flowing through my body, I immediately made some phone calls. When I heard Dallas was having an organized protest with some well-known activists, I felt I needed to be a part of that. I wanted to use my voice and platform to make a statement and begin some tough groundwork for my people & the community. I left with no bag and really no plan and drove 4 hours away from San Antonio. All I knew was who I was meeting and where and that I was going to march and protest my heart out. I met up with inspirational activist named King Ashoka who does extraordinary work with THE SLAP MOVEMENT and we instantly bonded. As the day went on, I met more phenomenal people, one being Sgt. Ira Carter with Dallas Police Department. We all spent the evening talking and sharing some incredible stories and experiences.

That same evening, I was invited to go to Wylie, Texas the next morning to another organized and peaceful protest. While in Wylie and in that moment, I found it to be breathtaking. I needed this more than it needed me. I needed to feel the human spirit and connection with others so deeply who felt like me. I was asked to speak, I kept it short, but I am glad the other speakers poured their hearts out. It is something I’ll never forget. The unity between us, the citizens of Texas, the black community, the community as a whole, the police officers of Wylie, we were all in unison. We all wanted one thing and one thing only, EQUALITY; to end police brutality and racism. Those two days forever changed me, I can’t and won’t be quiet, I won’t stop fighting, I won’t stop listening, and I won’t stop learning. I’m here for it all. I’m here for Wylie, Dallas, San Antonio, DC and the rest of the cities across America and the world that share my pain and my goals.” -Ian Mahinmi

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